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Scenario training

A hands-on learning experience that lets users train specific skills, tasks or protocols in a controlled scenario of your choosing.

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Why create a scenario training?

As certification or exam

‘I want to make exams more effective and more fun.’

Turn training, practice and examination into one intuitive learning experience, tailored to your specific learning goals. The training can even be integrated with official certification rules, so that participants can immediately receive an official certificate after completing the training.

As assessment tool

‘I want to objectively assess employee performance.’

Virtual scenarios provide a comprehensive and objective view of your how employees work. You enable users to show what they can do, in a working environment that feels familiar to them. The results can be used to to identify areas of improvement and create a professional growth plan.

As skill training

‘I want to familiarize my workforce with new methods, machines or tools more quickly.’

Virtual training gives users instant feedback and allows them to practice on their own until they master it. Modular trainings can be adapted to the skill level and role of the user. This way you make the training accessible to everyone.

What are the benefits of a scenario training?

Get better training results and a higher engagement.

Virtual reality is an ideal medium for practical training. With VR, users are completely immersed in their virtual environment, allowing them to show natural behavior and to be more engaged in the lesson material.

Experience dangerous scenarios without putting people at risk.

In contrast to traditional trainings, you can let situations go wrong in VR without risks. Because participants can experience this in a personal way, they can safely learn from to handle these situations and and be more self-reliant if it ever occurs in real life.

Evaluate participants' performance in real-time and empower your instructors.

Our VR training courses are not intended to replace instructors, but rather to support them. For example, we offer them opportunities to monitor participants live and to discuss the results afterwards using scorecards and dashboards.

Train in-house, at a training facility, or even remotely

With tailor-made hardware equipment, you decide how and where you want to train. Choose a method that suits your organization, or let us advise you on the best match for your purposes.

Reduce training expenses and reduce your ecological footprint.

A VR training eliminates the need to reserve specific work facilities or use physical materials. That helps you cut down on expenses and downtime, and it’s also good for the environment. Especially for trainings where exhaustible materials would normally be used, such as fire extinguishers.

Examples we’re proud of

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