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Scenario training

A hands-on learning experience that lets users train specific skills, tasks or protocols in a controlled scenario of your choosing.

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Use cases

I want my employees to familiarize themselves with new machines or tools

A virtual training can provide immediate feedback and allow for repeated practice until the employees feel confident in their abilitie

I want to make our yearly certifications more fun and exciting

Game-based elements or interactive activities help increase participation and engagement, and turns a training session into an enjoyable moment.

I want to train people in a way that’s accessible, even for newcomers

Modular trainings can be adjusted to match users’ skill level, familiarity, and roles. Plus, interactivity makes the training more intuitive for everyone.

I want to confront people with unsafe or unwanted behavior

An immersive scenario makes users’ act like they would in real-life, allowing you to assess their natural behavior and give more impactful feedback.

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Possible applications

Certifications & exams

Transform training, practice and examination into an intuitive learning experience that can be customized to fit any learning goals. The training can even be adapted to official certification standards, allowing participants to gain official certificates after completion.

Assessment tools

Provide a comprehensive and objective review of your employees’ performance. The virtual scenarios give you a true reflection of how they operate. The results can be used to identify areas of improvement and develop a plan for growth and productivity.

Site access tools

Test users for their knowledge of safety protocols or technical requirements. A virtual training can be an efficient tool to gauge the compatibility of potential new employees or partners, giving you the extra certainty you need before granting someone access to your facility.

How does a virtual scenario training work?

Virtual scenario trainings are an excellent choice to use in-house or at training facilities. They allow instructors to closely monitor progress and discuss results with students or employees. Moreover, virtual reality (VR) is an ideal medium for this kind of hands-on training. While it requires some hardware and space, VR helps you immerse users in a familiar virtual environment, which promotes natural behavior and increases engagement.



Get faster training results

and minimize downtime for your employees

Experience dangerous scenarios

without putting your people at risk.

Train in-house, at a larger training facility,

or even remotely with a tailored hardware setup.

Reduce material and location expenses,

because everything is virtual.

Evaluate participants' performance in real-time,

making instructors’ feedback more impactful.

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