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VR simulator

A gaming experience that combines the virtual world with tactile feedback, making it more immersive and easier to understand.

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Use cases

I want to offer a unique but accessible entertainment experience at my venue.

The physical simulator makes gameplay intuitive and quick to learn. It’s a also a great eyecatcher in your entertainment center.

I want to simulate the interaction with a vehicle or machine.

The right amount of physical feedback can make a simulator feel very lifelike, and still intuitive enough for the goals at hand.

I’d like to immerse people in awesome sport experiences.

Simulators allow a realistic, yet accessible way to experience sports that would otherwise be a little too extreme or difficult to do.

I’m always looking for ways to expand my entertainment formula.

VR simulators are a great addition to your location based entertainment. A simulator game can even be expanded upon later for more variety.

Examples we’re proud of

Possible applications

Vehicle simulators

Allow players to drive or fly in any vehicle realistically by combining VR with a physical controls and tactile feedback. Whether it’s a high speed race in an Italian plumber’s cart, or an exciting flight in a paraglider.

Sports simulators

Let players experience the feeling of sports like snowboarding, rowing, or paragliding. The simulator mimics the interaction and feeling of sporting gear, for an extra layer of realism.

Occupational simulators

Train employees to use specialized work vehicles responsibly, such as electric pallet trucks (EPTs). Adding physical components improves realism, and allows users to improve and learn based on their own natural behavior.

How does a VR simulator work?

A VR simulator combines a VR game with physical components. This means the controls and playing area are customized to enhance the gaming experience. The size and complexity of a simulator depends on the type of vehicle you want to simulate, and the level of realism you want to go for. Also keep in mind that VR simulators are relatively expensive to develop. But, the high level of realism that they offer can definitely make it worth the investment.



Provide an immersive experience

that affects players by sight, hearing, touch and movement.

Let players drive, fly, or otherwise move around

in a virtual environment of your choice. Even fictional locations.

Create a memorable sight in your venue

with an eye-catching simulator setup.

Break away from the competition

by offering an exciting and different experience.

Choose whether you want a purely fun experience,

an educational one, or somewhere in between.

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