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VR simulator

A gaming experience that combines the virtual world with tactile feedback, making it more immersive and easier to understand.

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Why create a VR simulator?

As location-based entertainment

‘I want to offer a unique but accessible entertainment experience at my venue.’

VR simulators are a great addition to your entertainment venue. The physical simulator makes gameplay intuitive and quick to learn. And it’s also a great eyecatcher in your venue.

As sports simulator

‘I’d like to immerse people in awesome sport experiences.’

Simulators can be a realistic, yet accessible way to experience extreme or difficult sports. You can let players experience the feeling of sports like snowboarding, rowing, or paragliding. Because the simulator mimics the interaction and feeling of sporting gear, it gives the game an extra layer of realism.

As occupational simulator

‘I want to simulate the interaction with a vehicle or machine.’

The right amount of physical feedback can make a simulator feel very lifelike, and still intuitive enough for the goals at hand. That allows users to improve and learn based on their own natural behavior. A great way to train employees how to use specialized machines or vehicles responsibly, such as electric pallet trucks (EPTs).

What are the benefits of a VR Simulator?

Provide an immersive experience.

A VR simulator plays into users’ sight, hearing, touch and movement. The powerful combination of VR and physical controls allows the player to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Let players experience an environment, scenario or vehicle of your choosing.

VR allows you to simulate almost every task or environment imaginable. By combining that with physical controls, a simulator can be a perfect way to experience operating specialized vehicles such as trucks, trains or cranes in various scenarios.

Create a memorable sight in your venue.

The unique controls and play area of a VR simulator are guaranteed to stand out. The size, complexity and cost of a simulator depend on the type of vehicle or scenario you want to simulate and the level of realism you want to achieve.

Break away from the competition

Not just everyone has a VR simulator. Its something that can be proudly shown off, so that everyone can discover how modern and forward-thinking your organization is.

Choose fun, education or both.

VR simulators can be used for various purposes and target groups. You can go for the highest learning efficiency, the most memorable experience, or combine the best of both worlds. With these simulators you can determine the balance between learning and enjoyment.

Examples we’re proud of

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