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Research & validation

Interactive methods to test, improve, and customize your products or locations by gathering valuable user feedback.

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Why create a research or validation tool?

As VR research simulation

‘I have an idea or design that I want to validate before working on the final product.’

With VR you can let important stakeholders or test groups observe and try out your product. This way you can collect valuable feedback from users to perfect your product, while also involving your target audience personally in the development process.

As prototype visualization

‘I want to gain support for my designs among important stakeholders.’

Interactive visualizations enable you to simulate your product or location virtually. This allows you to generate interest and collect feedback without needing a physical prototype. What’s more, you can show a virtual prototype remotely to anyone in the world, without travel or transportation costs.

As virtual testing environment

‘I want to improve a product or location based on substantiated information.’

In simulations with customizable components, stakeholders can experience different variants of your product or environment. This is a great way to A/B test without the need for physical prototypes, or to experiment on the spot with different setups and combinations. This way you can determine with more certainty how you can best improve the product or location.

What are the benefits of a research or validation tool?

Let users experience your product without needing a finished physical prototype.

By simulating your product or location virtually, you make interaction possible without having to build a physical prototype. This can save a lot of time and money, especially if you want to test multiple iterations or variants.

Configure your validation tool after a test session or on the spot.

Depending on how complex the validation tool is, you can adjust your product or location yourself on the spot or we can update the tool with a new design after a test session. This allows you to try out various iterations and variants.

Offer an interactive experience to your audiences, with or without VR.

Different kinds of validation tools can help you in various ways. A tool with VR enables users to interact with your product or location in a more personal way, while an accessible web-based design can be used from any web browser to reach larger audiences.

Show your location or product to international audiences.

A research or validation tool with a web-based design is an excellent way to involve international stakeholders in the development of your product or location. The virtual prototypes can be experienced anywhere, without travel or transport costs.

Repurpose virtual environment and 3D-assets.

The 3D assets and virtual environments we create can be reused for future projects. Now that’s sustainable! And do you already have 3D models available in advance? Then they can help us speed up the production process.

Examples we’re proud of

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