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Research & validation

Interactive methods to test, improve, and customize your products or locations by gathering valuable user feedback.

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Use cases

I have an idea or design that I want to validate before working on the final product.

A virtual prototype of your idea gives others an accessible way to observe, interact, and give valuable feedback.

I want to improve a product or location based on substantiated information.

Configurable digital tools let you try out different iterations of your product or location, and see in which ways you can improve.

I want to create support for my designs among important stakeholders.

A tailored solution lets you show your design in a uniquely engaging way, so you can impress, convince, and excite stakeholders.

I want to simulate how my product or location would function.

Interactive tools let you simulate your product or location virtually, so you can see how they’d work without needing a prototype.

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Possible applications

VR research simulations

Allow important stakeholders or test groups to observe and interact with your product in virtual reality. This way, you can gather valuable user feedback to perfect your product, while directly involving your target audience in its development.

Prototype visualizations

Showcase a virtual prototype of your product. This allows you to generate interest and gather feedback without needing a physical prototype. You show your prototype remotely to anyone on the globe, without any travel or transport expenses.

Virtual environments

Let stakeholders explore and interact with your envisioned designs or plans for a location freely. This engaging experience creates excitement and support for your ideas, but also makes it easier for stakeholders to give their opinions.

How does a research or validation tool work?

These interactive tools can vary between highly engaging VR simulations or easily accessible web-based applications. VR lets users engage with your product or location in a more personal way, while you can observe their natural behavior for valuable insights. However, a web-based design can be used from any web browser, allowing you to reach a much larger audience. We can help you choose what works best, based on your needs and goals. Depending on how complex your ideas are, it might even be possible to make it compatible with both VR and web browsers.



Let users experience your product

without needing a finished physical prototype.

Configure your validation tool after a test session or on the spot

to try out different iterations.

Offer an interactive experience to your audiences

as an exclusive VR experience, an accessible online tool, or both.

Show your location or product to international audiences

without travel or transport expenses.

Repurpose virtual environments and 3D models

in future projects.

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Product visualization

An interactive method to reveal or present your products and locations.

360° tour

An interactive tour through a location, enriched with informative audiovisual content.

2D animation

A flexible tool to highlight themes or explain complex information.

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